Cambridgeshire Short Mat Bowls History

8 and 22 August 2015

The Cambridgeshire Short Mat Bowls Association held its County Championships at The March Indoor Bowls Club.

On the 8 August twelve players competed in the Singles which was won by Rob Elmore, second Geoff Ward and third Colin Buck.  On the same day six teams entered the Fours competition which was won by a team skipped by Joe Peters and included Geoff Ward, Barry Fox and Jeff Saunders.  Runners up were Colin Buck, June Bridgestock, Vera Emery and George Jupp.

Saturday the 22 August saw fourteen Pairs and eleven Triples compete.  The Pairs winners were Margaret Rea & Robert Spriggs.  This pair have now won the competition three years on the trot.  Runners-up Maureen Bell & Gerry Russell. 

Once again the Team of June Bridgestock, Vera Emery and Colin Buck figured in the results by winning the Triples. Runners-up were Jean Retchless, Charlie Waling and Derek Retchless and in Third place Brenda Waling, John Franklin and Gerry Russell.

Fives Competition 11 July 2015 

Eight teams contested the first Fives Competition which was held at the March Indoor Bowls Club on Saturday 11 July 2015.

The winning team of Jean Retchless, Brenda Waling, Michael Orme, Charlie Waling and Derek Retchless had quite a battle with Mary Fox, Janet Groves, Tony Groves, Barry Fox and Geoff Ward  to win the competition and lift The Kent Challenge Trophy. 

This trophy was presented to the Association by Gill and Tony Kent who have now emigrated to Spain.

Cambridgeshire v North Yorkshire White Rose Weekend 30/31 May 2015

Over the course of the weekend 30 and 31 May 2015 we entertained players of The North Yorkshire White Rose Summer League to the home leg of this very popular annual Triples Competition which was run on the Saturday with a friendly Drive on the Sunday at The March Indoor Bowls Club.

The results of the Triples Competition was a win to Cambridgeshire 41 Points - White Rose 23 Points  Cambridgeshire's Shots for 226 - Shots Against 156.

Cambridgeshire's individual team scores were:
J. Papworth, T. Groves and G. Ward 3-6  2-11 4-3  15-4

J. Hyde, L. Fyson and M. Fyson 8-2 3-8 9-5 10-1 
G. Kent, G. Russell & T. Kent 8-1 16-3 12-4 9-3
J. Retchless, B. Waling & D. Retchless 2-6 10-4 2-9 6-5
J. Charter, R. Bonello & Jayne Thorpe 3-4 6-3 4-10 9-2 
M. Bell, S. Thompson & G. Lunn 7-5 6-5 9-3 6-7
J. Russell, G. Siggee & J. Peters 5-6 10-2 3-8 10 - 4  
M. Newton, D. Hyde & B. Newton 6-3 10-3 5-8 8-8.

The winners of the Friendly Drive on Sunday were for Cambridgeshire  -  Maureen Fyson and White Rose - Dennis Jarvis.

Harry Beeken Triples Competition - 18 January 2015

Sixteen Teams from several counties took part in the Harry Beeken Triples Competition that was held at the Manea Royal British Legion Club on Sunday 18 January 2015.  Each team played four games over 8 ends with many of the games being extremely close.

The winners were: Barrie Newton, Lonnie Fyson and Maureen Fyson (Sutton St James) 8 Points with a shot difference of +25.

Runners-up Alan Hare, Margaret Hare and Sandra Knight (Letchworth) 8 Points with a shot difference of +24.
Third Gill Kent, David Warriner and Tony Kent 8 Points with a shot difference of +15. 

These were the only teams that scored the maximum of 8 Points.
Suzanne Beeken presented The Harry Beeken Trophy and prizes to the winning team and runners-up.

Tony Hart who organised the day thanked the players for their kind donations of raffle prizes as well as Tony Kent for his gift of a litre of Whiskey for the Charity Spider.

It was so nice to see two teams from the newly formed Gorefield SMBC as well as two teams from Letchworth SMBC. The proceeds of this competition were split between Leukaemia & Lymphoma Research and the Cambridgeshire County Fund each receiving £126.