Cambridgeshire Short Mat Bowls - Coronavirus

Clubs with Safe Bowling Status

Sept 2020 Tydd St Giles SMBC
Doddington SMBC
Wisbech St Mary SMBC
Emneth SMBC
Oct 2020  Three Holes SMBC
Nov 2020  Cottenham SMBC
March 2021  Oakington SMBC
April 2021 GER SMBC
  Braza SMBC
 Sept 2021 Sutton St Edmund SMBC
  March Indoor Bowls Club

September 2020

Cambridgeshire so far have four clubs who have completed all the necessary documents and gained safe bowling status from the ESMBA.  This has enabled them to start bowling again in a Covid safe environment.  It is hoped that several more clubs will be in a position to submit their applications soon even if they are unable to bowl until next year.

Congratulations to Tydd St Giles, Doddington, Wisbech St Mary and Emneth.

16 March 2020
Due to the new government  guidelines issued today we now feel it is necessary to end the Cambs league season completely for 2019/2020.

This decision again hasn't been taken lightly.  With some village halls having closed completely  we do not want to put clubs under pressure to complete league commitments  while the effects of the Coronavirus situation continues putting members at risk of contracting the disease.

Hopefully the new 2020/2021 season  will commence in the autumn with the divisions starting as they were at the start of the 2019/2020 season.  NO CLUB WILL GO DOWN OR UP as would have been the case if all games could have been completed.

We hope that everyone understands the severity of the situation we are 
in at the moment and pull together to come out the other side a united and better organisation.

14 March 2020
Following the Coronavirus outbreak the CSMBA have decided that all competitions for the near future are to be postponed including the Harry Beeken Triples and Seniors fixtures.  It is hoped to rearrange the Harry Beeken on Saturday 13 June and new entry forms will be sent out nearer the time.

Cambs league fixtures will not be played for the next two weeks and the league season will be extended to the end of May.  This will be reviewed at the end of April with the provision of a further extension if required. Please keep June informed of any rearranged matches.

It is also recommend that club nights be suspended for the time being but should your club decide to play please use extremecaution when  handling the  bowls. Use "spray" chalk to mark touchers or nominate them, please DO NOT "lick" the chalk
as has been seen in the past.  Strict personal hygiene is of paramount importance for yourselves and others. You must act responsibly for everyone's  benefit and welfare .

Please follow the government guidelines and if you suspect  you have the Coronavirus symptoms you must self-isolate.

The  CSMBA  believes the welfare and safe being of all our members is very important.  These recommendations and  decisions have not been taken lightly but with care and consideration for each other and hopefully things will be back to normal within a few months.

With the threat of Coronavirus being ongoing  the committee will continually review the situation.